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Bio-Practica Nutraceuticals

Our Holistic Approach to Natural Medicine Combines Tradition, Clinical Experience & Robust Scientific Research.

About Us

Bio-Practica is an Australian owned practitioner only brand, which was founded by expert health practitioners dedicated to empowering and supporting healthcare professionals in their clinical setting with innovative integrative and complementary therapeutic solutions.

We believe in drawing upon all levels of available evidence – traditional use, clinical experience, robust scientific research – thereby developing a comprehensive, holistic approach to natural medicine, remaining at the forefront of healthcare solutions.


Explore our range of practitioner-only nutraceuticals.


NEW product launched!

A synergistic prebiotic powder designed to target the gut.
PermaHEAL contains premium quality ingredients specifically combines for a healthy gut. Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum (PHGG) is a specialised prebiotic fibre and is blended with glutamine, zinc, aloe vera, turmeric and slippery elm to help achieve gut-specific nutritional goals.

✔ Source of fibre
✔ Prebiotic for bacterial fermentation and short-chain fatty acid production
✔ Researched ingredients
✔ For healthy digestion
✔ Easily incorporated into detoxification or gastrointestinal programs
✔ Pleasant berry flavour for addition to food, drinks or smoothies
✔ Naturally sweetened
✔ Good solubility


Two convenient choices to support Acid-Base balance in the body:

  • Basica ActivE – Alkalising Mineral Formula
  • Basica Vital Pure – Supplemented Food with Alkaline Minerals


Grounded in evolution, driven by science

BioGaia’s products contain Lactobacillus reuteri, a probiotic that helps good microorganisms restore a natural balance in the gut.


A Natural Mineral-Based Gastrointestinal Detoxifier

  • ToxaPrevent Medi Pure
  • ToxaPrevent Medi Plus
  • ToxaPrevent Skin Salve

We are committed to supporting practitioners of complementary medicine

Bio-Practice is committed to supporting complementary medicine practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills to tackle the major health challenges facing their patients today. To support this commitment, Bio-Practica offers a variety of educational events that are available online or face-to-face.

Digital Education

Digital education that is both convenient and informative. Bio-Practica has a vast library of video content including animations, eVents, Webinars, health scoops, seminar replays and more. Earn CPE points...


Bio-Practica runs regular full day, face-to-face educational seminars where you can learn directly from world-leading experts and experiences clinicians, whilst also enjoying the opportunity to network with colleagues and gain hands-on experience with various Bio-Practica products.

Clinical Resources

Bio-Practica has a library of clinical tools and resources to help take some of the hard work out of your consultations and patient assessment. Learning Hub Members get access to all Bibo-Practica resources.

How to Sustain your Gut Terrain

Wednesday 27th October, 6:00pm AEST
Presented by Gemma Martin & Dr. Nirala Jacobi

Detox, Allergies & Gut Healing

Wednesday 24th November, 6:00pm AEST
Presented by Michele Wolff