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Sustainable Packaging Policy

At Bio-Practica packaging plays an important role in protecting the quality of our products and enhancing the health and wellness experience. We aspire to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging to align with our healthy environment practices. Bio-Practica is committed to reducing our environmental impact. Bio-Practica is part of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and is committed to the promotion and use of sustainable packaging. We aim to optimise the use of materials and continually improve our processes. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle being the focus for sustainable practice.

This sustainable packaging policy sets the expectations for suppliers to support the use and supply of sustainable packaging for all products sold by Bio-Practica. CLICK HERE to download our annual APCO report for 2020.

Bio – Practica is committed to applying the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs) to all new packaging and reviewing existing packaging to support the following:

  • minimising the amount of material used for packaging
  • maximising use of recycled materials
  • promoting the use of recyclable plastic materials such as HDPE bottles
  • optimising the packaging design for transporting and logistics
  • using logos and clear information to consumers on recyclable materials

As we innovate and grow the business Bio-Practica will update processes to continually improve the use of new materials and technologies.