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Over 100 years of Expertise in Minerals

Protina is the manufacturer of the Basica product range in Germany and the company’s vision is simple; To improve people’s health and well-being around the world.

Basica ActivE and Basica Pure are backed by proven clinical evidence.

About Protina

Founded by German chemist, Dr. Volkmar Klopfer in the late 1800’s, Protina is actively involved in the scientific research of minerals. They have a dedicated research and development department that works in close co-operation with renowned universities and scientific institutions. Their products are backed by proven clinical evidence.

What is Acid-Alkaline Balance?

Every cell, tissue and organ in your body functions best at a specific pH. The pH is the rating for the level of acidity or alkalinity. If the pH changes even slightly towards becoming more acidic, your body faces the challenge of correcting this; otherwise cell damage may occur. In this imbalanced state, body functions are compromised.

In your stomach, acid is needed to break down food particles; however, in your blood a tightly controlled level of alkalinity is required all the time. If you are too acidic, the body takes alkalising minerals, such as calcium, from other parts of the body to restore the acid-alkaline balance.

Why Acid-Alkaline Balance is so Important

Researchers believe our ancient ancestors ate a predominantly alkaline diet of mineral-rich plant matter. Today however, many diets typically contain high amounts of acid forming animal protein, sugar and grains, with low levels of alkalising vegetables. This results in chronic acidosis. To make matters worse, as we age we also lose our ability to efficiently cope with an excessive acid load.