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Practitioner Only Advanced Education & Resources

Bio-Practica is committed to supporting complementary medicine practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills to tackle the major health challenges facing their patients today.

To support this commitment, Bio-Practica offers a variety of educational events that are available online or face-to-face.

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stay informed on the latest in health science and natural medicines research!

Digital Education

Webinars | eVents | Health Scoops

Digital education is both convenient and informative. Bio-Practica offers a number of online education formats, all of which are included in an annual Learning Hub Membership, which can be accessed at leisure, or non-members can purchase individual webinars for $10.

Live Seminars

Bio-Practica runs regular full day, face-to-face educational seminars where you can learn directly from world-leading experts and experienced clinicians, whilst also enjoying the opportunity to network with colleagues and gain hands-on experience with various Bio-Practica products.


The Bio-Practica Professional Podcast series reviews emerging science and current topics in natural medicine and holistic health care. Through this series of interviews and discussions, you will get the latest in health science news directly from the scientists and clinicians leading the way in complementary medicine research and practice. 


The Bio-Practica Learning Hub also includes a library of clinical tools and resources to help take some of the hard work out of your consultations and patient assessment.

Members of The Learning Hub get access to all Bio-Practica resources.

The Learning Hub Membership

  • Exclusive early bird discounts on seminar ticket purchases
  • Access to our library of educational webinars earning you CPE points for each one
  • Inviations to our eVents – online livestreamed events that are interactive and informative
  • Access to Health Scoops – bite-sized snippets of information to summarise the latest research
  • Access to our exclusive Professional Podcast Series with new episodes released each week
  • Access to all Bio-Practica resources including: Patient Assessment Tools, Patient Information Guides, Patient Education Kits, Practitioner Clinical Guides, Research Reviews and Technical Summaries
  • Technical support from our practitioner assistance team who are ready to answer your questions
  • CPE points accredited through ATMS, ANPA, CMA, NHAA, ANTA and ACA for attending our seminars and webinars

The Learning Hub Membership is a 12-month recurring subscription