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The Alkalising Effect of Mineral Citrates

Feb 9, 2021

 The body must be maintained at the correct pH in order to function properly 

Normal human metabolism produces more acidifying waste products than alkalising substances, so the body must continually adjust pH to compensate for this. In addition, the average Western diet and lifestyle practices are highly acidogenic, placing further pressure on the body’s pH balancing systems. This imbalance can create a state known as Chronic Metabolic Acidosis (CMA). 

 Over time, CMA can increase the risk of developing many chronic diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and osteoporosis. 

 A healthy acid-alkaline balance dietary and lifestyle plan 

To reduce the excess acid burden, nutrition experts recommend adopting a more alkalising diet and lifestyle and taking mineral citrates. 

 Regular intake of an alkalising mineral supplement containing potassium citrate and magnesium citrate will dramatically improve acid-alkaline balance and may help improve energy and vitality. 

 Alkalising minerals help restore pH balance 

A key way to restore balance to the body’s pH is by increasing the consumption of alkalising minerals. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium have an alkalising effect on the body. These minerals have an even more pronounced alkalising effect if they are bound to citrate, for example as potassium citrate or magnesium citrate. This is because citrate binds acidic hydrogen ions in the blood and is then converted to carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is excreted through the breath, leaving only water. 

 Backed by science 

Scientific studies have found that taking a supplement that contains alkalising mineral citrates significantly increases blood and urine pH, meaning it makes them more alkaline. 

For example, in one study 25 healthy subjects had their urine and blood pH levels measured before, during, and after morning supplementation with alkalising minerals. The alkaline mineral drink containing citrates was given at 8:00am each morning for 1 week. Results indicated supplementation with alkaline minerals was associated with a significant and rapid increase in blood pH. After 1 week of supplementation pH levels were even more alkaline. 

 Mineral citrates versus bicarbonates 

Bicarbonate is one of the major chemical buffers used by the body to adjust pH, and sodium bicarbonate can be used as a supplement to alkalise the body. However, it also has an alkalising effect in the digestive tract, neutralising stomach acid and altering digestion. This can trigger unpleasant side effects such as diarrhoea, reflux, gas and bloating. Mineral citrates do not have an alkalising effect until they are digested and absorbed, and therefore have no negative effects on digestion. This makes mineral citrates the better alkalising choice for most people. 



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