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S04 E10: How Diet & Lifestyle Impacts the Human Gut Microbiome

  • Examine how a dietary high fat intake and/or protein restriction may actually benefit microbial balance in some patients.
  • Review how plant-based diets that deliver lots of polyphenols and fibre can support the microbiome.
  • Explore the effects of dietary factors such as alcohol and caffeine on our gut microflora, including how moderate intake of these may actually beneficially affect our microbiome.
  • Discuss the inter-relationship between our gut microbiome and our circadian rhythms, sleep, and stress resilience.
  • Look at how physical activity can influence gut microbial balance.

Gemma Martin I s a clinical naturopath, researcher, and technical writer based in the beautiful northern New South Wales region of Australia. Gemma has over 15 years’ experience in natural therapies; she began her naturopathic journey at Southern Cross University in Lismore, where she discovered a passion for the science of natural medicine.  This love of science lead Gemma into a role in research and product development with an industry leading natural product company shortly after graduating from university. Here Gemma analysed scientific research and used this information to develop cutting-edge naturopathic products. Gemma also spent time in Broome, Western Australia, where she worked for several years as a clinical naturopath treating a wide range of conditions from infertility, thyroid dysfunction and food intolerances to tropical infections. Whilst in WA, Gemma also ran her own health consulting company providing on-site support to mining staff in Western Australia. Currently, Gemma runs a practice Murwillumbah, and is a busy Mum with 2 young children.