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S04 E09: The role of the microbiome in breastfeeding and early infancy

  • Examine how the maternal intestinal microbiome changes during the three trimesters of pregnancy and the so-called “fourth trimester” of breastfeeding and early infancy.
  • Explore the role of the breastmilk microbiome in supporting infant microbial development, and examine how the maternal oral, intestinal, and genito-urinary microbiome influence the breastmilk microbiome.
  • Discuss how maternal dysbiosis can influence the infant microbiome – including how infants are influenced by the maternal oral, intestinal, vaginal, placental, and breastmilk microbiome.

Emma is a functional nutritionist specialising in gut health and the microbiome. She has helped thousands of clients optimise their digestive health working via one-to-one consults, group workshops and community education programs. Emma is also a professional educator, educating healthcare professional on probiotics and their benefits across Australia and New Zealand. Emma specialises into supporting mums and educating Maternity Care Providers about the importance of gut health and the microbiome in the critical first 1,000 days of life from conception to 2 years of age. Her enthusiasm for this field inspired her to create a unique online learning program called ‘The First 1000 Days’, that provides current evidence-based education in a self-paced format for healthcare professionals. Emma is extremely passionate about educating and empowering both parents and healthcare professionals to get better health outcomes through understanding and supporting the microbiome in all its roles.